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BioStore III Cryo


-190°C Automated Cyrogenic Storage

The BioStore III Cryo provides customers who need cryogenic biological storage (-190°C vapor phase) with a solution that combines the highest sample protection, improved chain of custody management, and a superior user experience – all at an affordable price.

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Affordable Cyrogenic Sample Storage System

With the BioStore III Cryo system, lab managers can view their sample inventories, histories, and audit trails in real time while achieving a higher level of sample safety and integrity.

Multiple levels of security, assigned by an administrator, assure designated samples are accessed by only authorized personnel. An insulated sleeve protects innocent samples by keeping their temperatures below the glass transition (Tg) phase (-135°C).

Key Features

Protect, Manage, and Access Samples at -190°C

Sample integrity: biosamples stored in vapor at -190°C, innocents protected during retrieval.

Assured: samples held below Tg (-135°C) for 20+ days with full manual access if power/LN2 disrupted.

Safe: outstanding ergonomics, minimizes risk of user injury.

Flexible: up to 630 of 2” tall cryoboxes containing any consumable types.

Affordable: offers cost-effective automation.

Secure: access and inventories restricted to predefined set of users.

Comprehensive: inventory, audit trail, reports, barcoding and LIMS connectivity
Proven: Brooks automation plus Chart MVE LN2 vacuum freezer.

96 Well Format

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  BioStore III Cryo -190°C 


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