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InteliCode Software


Next Generation Software for Decoding 2D Barcoded Storage Tubes and Racks

FluidX’s innovative software application makes managing 1D and 2D Barcoded tubes and racks fast and simple with its custom design for FluidX tubes.

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The Intellicode is next generation software, a product of extensive industry experience that enables automated decoding for 2D Barcoded Sample Storage tubes and racks.

Ultra fast read speeds with no setup required, the Intellicode can export results from your tubes and racks into customised reports in MS Word or as Text files that are compatible with any LIMS or Database system.


Ultrafast Decoding

IntelliCode takes just 3.1ms to decode a tube!

Uses a Dual Decoding Engine so both FluidX proprietary decoding and industry-standard decoding engines work simultaneously to provide additional power and speed.

Modern PCs can ship with six cores or more. To get the most from your hardware, and scale efficiently between two and six (or more) CPU cores, IntelliCode employs a tasking method to decouple algorithmic parallelism from implementation and allow scaling to N cores.

With true Multi-Core optimization, IntelliCode has been designed for use with modern PCs. This parallel processing enables a rack of 96 2D barcoded tubes to be decoded in less than 300ms.


Key Features

Zero Setup Required
The IntelliCode software comes pre-configured for 96, 48 and 24 format racks.

Automatic Rack Detection
With automatic rack detection, the Intellicode determines the rack format, saving your tube data.


Advanced Export Options
Export your recorded tube data into a variety of file formats. Including .TXT, .CSV, MS Word or an SQL database.

Product Range

Cat. No. Description
70-1014 IntelliCode Upgrade from XTR-96
70-1015 IntelliCode Upgrade from XTR-96 LE & Lite Versions
20-9002 EasyTrack 2D Sample Archiving Database module for sample management with integrated Xtr reader drivers. Single User License.
20-9003 EasyTrack 2D Sample Archiving Database module for sample management with integrated Xtr reader drivers. Multi User License with same Database.