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Single Screw Decappers


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The EzyCap is a lightweight tool, specially designed for decapping/recapping FluidX 2D Barcoded tubes.

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Electronic Decapper/Recapper and Tube Picker

Designed and Developed by BioTools – The EzyCap™ is a lightweight, versatile and easy to use tool specifically designed to decap and recap FluidX 2D barcode tubes and enable the user to individually pick and place tubes from within 49/96 way racks and 10 x 10 Cryoboxes.

Product Range

Cat. No. Description
65-54004 Screw Cap Remover, 1 piece
EzyCap EzyCap Electronic Single Capper and Tube Picker, Supports 0.3, 0.7, 1.0 and 2.0mL External Threaded Screw Cap Tubes
Fully Automated
46-6001 Xsd-1
1- Channel Automatic Screw Top tube rack decapper / re-capper, with interchangeable cap drivers and multiple torque settings
please specify tube type when ordering.
46-6002-1 Xsd-1 Gripper 50ml TRP Tube (Fujifilm)
46-6002-2 Xsd-1 Gripper 50ml BD and Falcon Centrifuge Tube
46-6002-3 Xsd-1 Gripper 50ml Greiner Centrifuge Tube
46-6002-4 Xsd-1 Gripper 0.5, 1.5, 2.0ml Sarstedt INT Tube
46-6002-5 Xsd-1 Gripper 6ml & 10ml FluidX Automation Friendly Tube
46-6002-6 Xsd-1 Gripper Corning 21mm Cell Culture Tube
46-6002-7 Xsd-1 Gripper 6ml & 10ml FluidX Tube
46-6002-8 Xsd-1 Gripper 4ml FluidX Glass Tube
46-6002-9 Xsd-1 Gripper 50mm lid for glass container
46-6002-10 Xsd-1 Gripper 2ml FluidX & Greiner EXT Tube & Sarstedt INT Tube
46-6002-XX Xsd-1 Gripper for other tube types (we require samples to test before we can agree to make gripper)