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Stirling Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

Stirling Ultracold Freezer

Compact Ultra-Low Freezer

Ultra-Low Temperature Portable and Undercounter Freezers

Rapidly deployable ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers for storage, distribution and delivery of COVID-19 vaccine candidates and cold chain sample and drug storage to patients and remote sites.

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Small, Lightweight and Portable ULT Storage (ULT25NEU)

The world’s ONLY portable Ultra-Low Temperature freezer. Thermally protects leading COVID19 vaccines requiring -20°C to -80°C storage.

  • Safely preserve and deliver biologic drugs at the clinical point of patient care, anywhere in the world

  • Collect temperature-sensitive samples and specimens at remote clinical trials

  • Easily deploy long-term storage of viable biological materials, anywhere there is a power outlet

Key Features

  • Holds ~6160 Pfizer vaccine doses 

  • Chest style maintains -80ºC even with the lid open

  • Allows unlimited access to vaccines without warming

  • Ideal for stationary and mobile inoculation sites

  • Racking Specifically Designed for Vaccine Ampules 

  • Weighs Only 21kg – Great for Point of Use Storage

  • Monitoring and Logging

  • Universal Input Power from Standard AC Mains to Vehicle-Based 12V DC

  • Cloud-based, wireless temperature monitoring and logging with SenseAnywhere

Temperature control and handling limitations of dry ice storage can risk the viability of your valuable samples in the field, while compressor-based ULT freezers are too unwieldy and unreliable for deployment at remote sites. The revolutionary ULT25NEU was designed to solve these problems. With its compact and field-proven, free-piston Stirling engine technology, it brings portable, precisely controlled ULT storage anywhere there is a need for patient care, testing or specimen collection.

Undercounter, Benchtop, Stackable ULT Storage (SU105UE)

Compact Ultra-Low Freezer Ideal for Research Labs and Clinical Trials
Under Bench | Benchtop | Stackable

The Stirling Ultracold SU105UE undercounter ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer is ideal for bench-side personal storage or for use in areas where larger-volume ULTs are not suitable. This space-saving freezer delivers full-performance ULT storage for benchtop, stacked or undercounter configurations. Boasting the widest temperature range in the industry, the SU105UE undercounter ULT lab freezer is perfect for warming up samples and biologics in stages. It’s the ideal solution to optimise your laboratory floor plan, offering: 

  • A space-saving design that doesn’t compromise storage capacity

  • A wide temperature range for transitioning biological materials to warmer temperatures

  • Secure, personalized storage in clinical settings

Key Features

  • Holds ~9750 Pfizer vaccine doses 

  • The Industry’s Best Performance

  • Dense Storage in a Space-Saving Size

  • Lowest Energy Consumption, <4 kWh/day @ -80°C

  • Lowest Shipping Costs

  • Smallest Footprint in its Class

  • Plugs into Any Outlet

  • Wide Temperature Range, -86°C to -20°C

  • Industry’s Best Warranty

This stackable model uses the revolutionary free-piston Stirling engine technology found in our SU780XLE upright freezer, offering a highly reliable ULT storage solution with only a few moving parts, no oil and no compressors.

The Stirling Ultracold Advantage