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Live Cell Movie Analyser

The JuLI Br is a compact and affordable cell movie maker/cell growth analyser that is designed specifically for in-incubator use.  The JuLI Br’s capabilities and quality resolutions will enable researchers to affordably monitor cell growth in real-time.

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Gain Real Time Insights for Cell Analysis

The JuLI Br enables researchers to view how cells behave and gained insight by observing the way they grow, migrate and move and enables visualisation of cell growth images and curves in real time with a minimum of effort.  The JuLI Br allows for more stringent environmental control of the laboratory CO2 incubator and provides intriguing images and movies were quickly compiled and easily retrieved via a USB.

Key Features

  • Smart live cell viewer
    • View and capture the live single image inside your cell-culture incubator.
  • Real time movie recorder
    • Sequential time-lapse images are stored, and can be converted to movie file automatically.
  • Intelligent confluence analyser
    • Detect cell confluence and make growth curve using image based analysis.
  • Real time cell growth
    • Applicable long-term monitoring in real time.

Product Range

Cat. No. Description

Live cell movie analyser (basic set)


Live cell movie analyser (dual set)

JULI-BRSC Scope unit of live cell movie analyser
JULI-BRTB JuLi Br XY Mechanical Stage
JULI-BRCM JuLi Br Counting starter kit



Cat. No. Description

JuLi Br cell counting slide (50 slides-100 counts)
Includes 1 x 1.5 ml of Trypan blue stain (0.4%)


JuLi Br cell counting slide (250 slides-500 counts)
Includes 5 x 1.5 ml of Trypan blue stain (0.4%)


JuLi Br cell counting slide (1000 slides-2,000 counts)
Includes 20 x 1.5 ml of Trypan blue stain (0.4%)


Technical Specifications

EVE™ Instrument Description
System Configurations:

JULI-BR04 (Single set, 1 Scope & 1 Station)

JULI-BRD04 (Dual set, 2 Scopes & 1 Station)


Objective 4 X and digital zoom (~ 400 X)

Image Resolution:

2560 X 1920 pixels (5M)

Exported Formats:

JPEG (image), AVI (movie), CSV (raw data)


10.1’’ LCD touch screen

Light Source:

White LED

Dimensions & Weight:

Scope: 300 x 190 x 188 mm, 4 kg

Station: 282 x 285 x 160 mm, 3.2 kg


320 GB Hard drive, 4 GB USB drive



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