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MVS Multichannel Verification


Easy to Use Verification for Liquid Handling

The MVS is an easy-to-use, universal system used to verify the volume transfer performance of automated liquid handling systems, multichannel and single channel handheld pipettes.  Simple, reliable performance verification increases liquid handling quality, enabling you to trust your assay results.

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Support for diverse volume ranges

The MVS consists of equipment, software, aqueous solutions and highly characterized microtiter plates. The system is suitable for liquid volume measurements from 0.1 to 350.0 μL in a 96-well plate format or from 0.01 to 55 μL in a 384- well plate format. A mobile workstation allows for portable, convenient verification of equipment in multiple locations.

Employing a unique, dual-dye photometric method, the Artel MVS conveniently measures the dispensed volume from any 1-, 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-, 16-, 24-, 96-, and 384-channel liquid delivery device in less than ten minutes. The accuracy and precision performance of each dispensing channel is independently calculated and displayed with summary statistics by well, by row and by column.

When using the MVS Verification Plates and an Artel certified Plate Reader, the Artel MVS supports an unbroken chain of traceability to national and international standards.

Results are saved in a secure database on the system’s portable computer using the MVS Data Manager software and are available for printout or export to HTML or XML formats.

Three Easy Steps

Dispense Solutions – Dispense the Sample Solution and Diluent into a Verification Plate and mix.

Read Plate – Measure the absorbance values with the Artel plate reader.

Know Performance – Results indicate the performance of the liquid handler.

Key Features

  • Measures accuracy and precision information, for each dispensing tip, within minutes
  • Covers a volume range of 0.01 to 350 µL
  • Measures performance and provides volume statistics on tip-by-tip and well-by-well basis

  • Provides highly-accurate, standardized results that are traceable to national and international standards

  • Is compatible with 96-well and 384-well microtiter plates

  • Is applicable to automated liquid handlers with 1 – 384 dispensing tips, and to handheld multichannel pipettes

  • Does not require rigorous environmental controls

  • Can be used by a technician of any skill level

  • Is easier and more reliable than any other volume verification method for multichannel liquid handling instrumentation

Product Range

Cat. No. Description

Installation Kit MVS Equipment Package Includes:

  • Artel certified ELx800 NB plate reader
  • Calibration plate/carry case
  • Microtiter plate shaker
  • Bar code reader
  • Portable computer
  • Data manager ADVANCED software
  • Mobile workstation
  • User guide

Calibrator Plate Re-certification



Cat. No. Description
MVS-201 Baseline Solution, 250 mL
MVS-202 Diluent Solution, 500 mL
MVS-203 Range A Solution, 250 mL (use for 50 µL-200 µL)
MVS-204 Range B Solution, 120 mL (use for 10 µL-49.9 µL)
MVS-205 Range C Solution, 120 mL (use for 2 µL-9.9 µL)
MVS-206 Range D Solution, 120 mL (use for 0.50 µL-1.99 µL)
MVS-207 Range E Solution, 120 mL (use for 0.10 µL-0.49 µL)
MVS-210 Stock Solution 1, 120 mL
MVS-212 Stock Solution 2, 120 mL
MVS-214 Range HV Solution, 500 mL (use for 200.1 µL-350.0 µL)
MVS-230 96-well Verification Plates, 25 Plates/box -96 well characterised
MVS-231 Verification Plate Covers, 5 Covers/box
MVS-245 384-well Verification Plates, 25 Plates/box -384 well characterised


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