Automated Sample Storage Systems by Azenta Life Sciences

Automated sample storage has advanced rapidly from room temperature solutions to cryogenic preservation at -190°C. BioTools partners with Azenta Life Sciences who has developed proven technologies that not only ensure the integrity of your samples but also improve inventory accuracy through meticulous documentation and digital audit trails supported by informatic software. Azenta Life Sciences manufacture and support a wide array of automated systems tailored to your needs, optimizing workflows and boosting productivity.  

Whether you are storing several thousand vials of samples or several million, whether you need a system that fits into a lab or to house a collection that fills an entire warehouse, we have you covered. From high-throughput compound management to human biological sample inventory, Azenta Life Sciences offer solutions for all temperature requirements.  

Azenta Life Sciences industry-leading systems are flexible, modular, and ensure secure and precise inventory control, optimizing workflows and sample throughput. As the preferred storage partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes, Azenta provide systems that elevate inventory management quality, reduce variability, and mitigate risk. Discover your ideal automated sample storage solution today. 

BioTools is proud to be the exclusive distributor partner for Azenta Life Sciences in Australia and New Zealand.