4titude® 8 Well PCR Tube Strip, With Attached Caps

Product Code: 4ti-0792

8 well PCR tube strips with attached caps, recommended for low to medium throughput. Low profile strips, recommended for reaction volumes <20µl, come with attached flat optically clear caps. Standard profile strips come with attached domed or flat optically clear caps.

  • Made from virgin polypropylene
  • Low profile: <100µl working volume
  • Standard profile: <200µl working volume
  • Can be cut into sections or individual tubes


  • Free from DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, and endotoxin/pyrogen
  • Molded from virgin polypropylene


  • The tubes on each strip are joined together either by three links (flat cap variety – 4ti-0792 and 4ti-0793) or by one strong link (domed cap variety – 4ti-0794) to make the strip more rigid and help reduce any chance of spillage
  • Each cap is separately joined to a tube, making it impossible to either cross contaminate another tube with the wrong cap, or to lose a cap altogether


    • The tube strips can be easily separated by cutting the links, to make smaller sections or individual tubes
    • The flat optically clear caps enable light signals, such as fluorescence, to pass through without affecting the signal, and are suitable for imaging techniques including RT-qPCR
    • Recommended for low to medium throughput applications


  • The strips are available with either tethered flat optically clear caps or domed caps

For recommended plate options depending on manufacturer, block type, and instrument please refer to the Azenta Life Sciences Plate Instrument Compatibility Table.

Ordering Information

Description: 8 Well PCR Tube Strips, With Attached Caps Low profile 0.1ml wells (working volume: <100µl, total well capacity: 200µl), clear polypropylene, with attached flat optically clear caps; and standard 0.2ml wells (working volume: <200µl, total well capacity: 300µl), clear polypropylene, with attached domed or flat optically clear caps

Part Number

4ti-0792    0.2ml wells, with flat optical caps; 120 tube strips
4ti-0793    0.1ml wells, with flat optical caps; 120 tube strips
4ti-0794    0.2ml wells, with domed caps; 120 tube strips