BioTools with BioCision -Azenta Life Sciences exlusively offer products for sample preparation to cryopreservation and storage. We offer a wide range of sample cooling and heating workstations, tube and plate modules, platforms, lab dishes, cryo boxes, and accessories to ensure sample integrity throughout the entire lifecycle. Our Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing Containers are suitable for various cell types including stem cells, primary cells, PBMC cell lines, insect cells, yeast, and can successfully replace isopropanol-based freezing containers such as Mr. Frosty and others.

Our Ice-Free Cooling Workstations provide sample cooling or freezing without the need for ice, electricity, or batteries. Thermoconductive Tube Racks and Sinks distribute temperature evenly across all tubes/wells. Our Ice Buckets are a non-toxic alternative to traditional ice pans, ideal for various solutions such as ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, alcohol or saline solutions, or warm solutions.

Hinged CryoBoxes offer convenience and archival integrity, minimizing the risk of separation and contamination.