A&D FX-300i Reloading Precision Balance

Product Code: FX-300i

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The FX-300i Reloading Precision Balance top pan range provides a host of features in a compact, light weight package. All of the traditional A&D functions are present plus a host of innovative features. Weighing specification 320gram x 0.001gram or 4938 grain x 0.02 grain. It’s compact, durable, and features a user-friendly interface for effortless operation. The FX-300i delivers speedy results, boosting efficiency in reloading tasks. Choose the FX-300i for unparalleled accuracy and reliability, reinforcing A&D Weighing’s commitment to quality and precision.

  • Capacity: 320gram x 0.001gram
  • Weighing Pan: Ø130 mm
  • 3 years warranty
  • 320gram x 0.001gram or 4938 grain x 0.02 grain
  • Compact SHS- Super Hybrid Sensor ensures 1 second stabilisation
  • Mulitple Weighing Units-15 units of measurement are selectable
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display- Great Visibility from all reading angles
  • SCF Statistical Calculation Function-Can display or output a complete stats package
  • USB Interface-Optional USB interface with no driver installation necessary
  • RS232 Data Interface- RS 232C Interface is standard on the FX-i range
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliant- Complies with your lab management system
  • Digital Calibration Function- Simple calibration sequence using external masses
  • Animal Weighing Mode- Suitable for weighing unstable samples
  • Comparator Funtion- Compare result against preset targets with a HI LO or GO
  • Response Setting-Adjust balance response time to suit environment
  • Optional Ethernet Interface- Connect to your LAN
  • Optional Rechargeable Battery- Total Portability for your balance


Model & Capacity

Model Capacity Weighing Pan
320 g x 0.001g
Ø130 mm
520 g x 0.001g
Ø130 mm
3200 g x 0.01g
Ø150 mm
5200 g x 0.01g
Ø150 mm