Cell Scrapers, PS/LDPE

Product Code: 665-290

Cell Scrapers are designed to facilitate the collection of attached cells on culture dishes, flasks or plates. Sterilisation and individual packaging eliminates the risk of contamination during cell culture and scraper handling.

The scrapers are manufactured from LDPE for gentle collection of cells without damages. Ideal for the manual harvesting of cells.

  • Cell Scrapers, Sterile
  • Polystyrene Handle, LDPE Blade
  • DNase Free, RNase Free, Human DNA Free
  • Non-Pyrogenic, Non-Cytotoxic
  • Individually Wrapped
Code   SKU   External Dimensions   Carton
665-290   90020   232.2 x 13.0mm   100
665-292   90030   295.3 x 20.0mm   100