FluidX Manual Tube Decapper

Product Code: 10-5020

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The ideal range of accessories for the manual removal of TPE caps and screw caps, streamlining and simplifying lab workflows. Designed to offer efficient tube decapping with no need for automated processes, ensuring versatility and control in sample handling procedures.

  • 1-way decapper removes 1 TPE cap at a time
  • 8-way decapper removes 8 TPE caps at a time
  • 1-way decapper removes 1 screw cap at a time

Our TPE septum cap decappers comprise: a 1-way decapper for the individual removal of TPE caps, and an 8-way decapper for the simultaneous removal of 8 TPE caps. For screw caps, we offer our screw cap capper/decapper, designed specifically for external thread tubes. The ideal accessory to have at hand for the manual removal of TPE septum caps, such as our Cap Mats for PCR Plates or TPE Septum Caps.

Ordering Information – Manual Tube Decapper – Designed for easy removal of caps

Part number Description
65-54000 1-way, orange, removes 1 TPE cap at a time; 1 decapper
65-54001 8-way, orange, removes 8 TPE caps at a time; 1 decapper
65-54004 Removes Azenta Life Sciences 96-format external thread caps; 1 decapper