Heliport Rack Thawing Station

Product Code: 1-300-70000

One Thousand Samples, Fifteen Minutes!

Box Scientific introduces the Heliport Rack Thawing Station exclusively distributed by BioTools Pty Ltd.

Heliport brings a new paradigm to procedural sample handling. Utilizing the same convection principles as our Station One, Heliport is the largest sample thawing system on the market, and the first with automation integration capability. Whether at the bench, or as part of your automated process, Heliport’s powerful convection system reduces thaw times up to 75%, while allowing seamless transition of thawed samples directly into your automated process.

  • Seven 92mm fans for over 120 cfm of convection power
  • Large, custom-configurable thawing surface accommodating up to 11 microplates or microtube racks at a time
  • 11 SBS cradles for static positioning in ‘protrait’ or ‘landscape’ orientation or combinations of both
  • 6 ft remote I/O control cable for plug-and-play integration to Tecan SMIO boards or other 24v auxiliary power sources
  • Energy efficient design draws just 12V and 1500mA
  • Complete thawing of up to 11 microplates or microtube racks in as little as 15 minutes
  • 1 year full replacement warranty