Hudson’s RapidPick SP is a single-pin version of Hudson’s widely-acclaimed RapidPick MP multi-pin colony-picker and re-arrayer. Like the RapidPick Complete and RapidPick Lite, the RapidPick SP has all the features needed by users in today’s molecular biology environment. The RapidPick SP has been designed to meet the needs of labs that need automated colony-picking and accurate data-handling, but whose throughput needs can be met by its medium-throughput productivity.

Its key features include:

  • Ease-of-use
  • Low cost
  • Compact, lab bench size
  • Expandable to robotic arm loading

The RapidPick SP has all the colony-picking and colony-handling features of our other RapidPick models, and is designed for medium-throughput, typically 250 colonies per hour. The average inoculation rates of the SP are over 99%. The major competitors use batch picking so there is a delay in placing colonies into the destination plate. The delay may weaken the E. coli or other bacterial colonies or cause death.

This microbial colony picker’s small footprint saves lab space. The RapidPick SP fits easily on most lab benchtops, and is ideal for use in microbiome research picking inside anaerobic chambers. The RapidPick SP colony Picker is perfect for microbiota research in Coy Chambers.

The imaging system, picking pin and sterilization system on the RapidPick-SP is the same as the imaging system, picking pin and sterilization system on the standard RapidPick. The differences are the plate loading and the number of pins used to pick samples.

The wash and sterilization system has been used on the picking system for over 10 years. Multiple customers have tested the sterilization of the system with PCR and there has never been an issue with contamination after the heater.