Hudson Robotics RapidWash Microplate Washer

The RapidWash™ high-speed microplate washer for 96-well and 384-well microplates offers high throughput washing for ELISAs, cellular assays, and other processes requiring washing and aspirating. Yet, it is the smallest (9.25”W x 15”D footprint) automated microplate washer on the market. It fits comfortably in all robotic workcells or even on already cramped lab benches. Not to be compared with strip washers, the RapidWash is perfect for labs that need automated high throughput.

Use the Rapidwash as a stand alone microplate washer or integrate it into Hudson designed workstations.  A software API is available for integration into other schedulers or automation platforms. Combine the RapidWash with an automated pipettor, reagent dispenser, robotic arm and microplate stacks for hours of hands off processing or build a single purpose lab workstation like below.