PlateButler® – Easy & Flexible Dynamic Scheduling Software

During the 1980s, automated processes in laboratories began to blossom. Lab automation was getting more and more important. Lab Services closely followed these developments, and installed the first fully automated microtiter plate systems in laboratories in 1996. Experience soon taught us that where software is concerned, flexibility, simplicity and speed are of the essence. Something which the market did not supply at the time. And so we started developing this flexible lab automation software ourselves: PlateButler®.

The product we developed then is still innovative today. Because, taking your needs and changes in the market as our guiding lines, we have continued to develop the PlateButler® software ever since. In addition to complicated integration issues, there is an increasing demand for the automation of separate devices. In this constantly shifting market, this could be device X one day, and device Y the next. To tackle such questions we have developed Heron: flexible, user-friendly, universal lab automation.

Since 1992, Lab Services has been integrating and developing innovative systems to automate standardized processes in laboratories, using our own software, PlateButler! We provide the tools to make every day work easier, more flexible and user-friendly, with high quality, accuracy and service being of great importance.