Labware Storage – Hotels & Carousels

Initially designed on customer request, LiCONiC plate Hotels have become the most popular workhorses in thousands of applications requiring automated open space storage. Back in the early 90’s LiCONiC for the first time introduced fully automated storage with single plate random access capability.

Today LiCONiC offers the most complete selection of plate hotels that cover all needs of modern laboratory automation. All LiCONiC Plate Hotels support full-random access. Unique flexibility is built into the design. Various options and a huge selection of accessories make each plate hotel configurable to best meet the specific needs of any integration. Designed and built especially for automation, LiCONiC‘s Plate Hotels provide full remote operation while maintaining extremely simple integration. Many years of experience and close focus on highly specialized technology made LiCONiC’s LiCotel Series plate hotels the market‘s most trusted choice for automated plate storage solutions. The LiCotel Series instruments are incredibly fast. In addition to high speed plate transfer where applicable, intelligence has been added in order to guarantee safe and gentle plate motion. As a unique feature, speed can be adjusted to specific application‘s needs.

Main Features

    • Capacities – from 44 to 880 MTP equivalent and more
    • Compact – smallest footprints in the industry*
    • Flexible – bench-top, stand-alone or under-bench configuration*
    • Fastest – access time down to 3 seconds*
    • Easy integration – 100% software compatible*
    • Unique orbital shaking – with amplitudes from 1 to 6mm*

* optional features