NanoEntek EVE HT FL

Product Code: EVE-HT FL

High-throughput Fluorescence Cell Counter!

EVE™ HT FL is a high-throughput automated fluorescence cell counter equipped with bright field and two fluorescence channels (AO/DAPI). In just 3 minutes, up to 48 samples can be counted and analyzed. EVE™ HT FL delivers brilliant precision and accuracy, making it the optimal choice for both cell lines and primary cell analysis in a variety of applications.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Dual-Fluorescence (AO/DAPI) & Bright Field
  • 48 Samples in just 3 minutes
  • Only 20 μL sample volume required
  • Real Cell Size & Viability
  • Accurately identify and count clumpy cells

Dual-Florescence for Accurate Viability Analysis of Primary Cells

AO (Acridine Orange) and DAPI (4′, 6-diamidino-2-phenylindole) are fluorescent dyes that bind to DNA, staining the nucleus of targeted cells.

AO is a permeable dye that stains the nucleus of all cells, regardless of the cell’s condition.

DAPI is an impermeable dye that only stains the nucleus of non-viable cells with damaged membranes.

To accurately evaluate the viability of cell types like PBMCs, stem cells, and splenocytes, it is advisable to use dual-fluorescence staining.

This method effectively excludes non-nucleated cells (e.g., RBCs), platelets, and debris from the samples.

AO/DAPI staining – Counting & Viability

Accurate Fluorescent Cell Counting for PBMCs

PBMCs are often mixed with RBCs or platelets. Use EVE™ HT FL to count only nucleated cells such as PBMCs.

Fluorescence based counting is more accurate than traditional Trypan Blue based counting.

More Flexible Staining Methods

EVE™ HT FL provides flexible and personalized staining choices. Cell viability can be assessed using fluorescent channels (AO/DAPI) or a bright-field channel (Trypan Blue / Erythrosine B), which meets a more diverse range of needs!

● A Growing Demand for Using Erythrosine B

Erythrosine B has the same staining principle as Trypan Blue which does not penetrate viable cells that possess intact cell membranes but only stains non-viable cells. Due to increasing environmental and health concerns, non-toxic Erythrosine B has gained attention in many European countries and is regarded as an alternative to Trypan Blue for cell viability evaluation.

Up to 48 Samples in 3 minutes

Don’t wait! Count your samples in just 3 minutes.

Leading to substantial time saving by eliminating the need for frequent reloading and waiting periods.

20 μL of sample volume

EVE™ HT FL only need 20 μL of your valuable samples.

Save your cells for more measurements or better outcome.

Level Up Your Productivity

Level up your productivity with EVE™ HT FL when compare to another cell counters.

Accurate & Precise Results You Can Rely On With Confidence

  • Multi-Instrument Consistency & Precision for Cells

EVE™ HT FL instruments were put to the test using three different cell line samples (Jurkat, HeLa, and CHO) to compare their differences.

The result below showed a high instrument-to-instrument consistency with small variation.

  • Excellent Linearity Across Wide Range

Following ISO standard for cell counting, we evaluated linearity of EVE™ HT FL using 2 cell lines (CHO cells and Jurkat cells). The following results demonstrate outstanding linearity.

  • High correlation between EVE™ HT FL and flow cytometer

Cell samples were measured using EVE™ HT FL and a flow cytometer. For both CHO cells and PBMCs, total cell counts measured by EVE™ HT FL were highly correlated with those measured by a flow cytometer.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance READY

EVE™ HT FL is ready for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for cGMP facilities.

User-friendly GUI

With visualized data, the results are clear at a glance.

(Total cell, Live/Dead Cell, Viability, Cell Size)


  • Light sources: Bright field, UV, Blue LED
  • Staining dye(s): AO/DAPI mixed solution
  • Analysis time: 3 ~ 18 minutes / 48 tests
  • Measuring range: Detectable range: 1 x 10E4 ~ 2 x 10E7 cells/mL; Optimal range: 1 x 10E5 ~ 1 x 10E7 cells/mL: Loading volume
  • 20 μL / channel
  • Cell size range: Detectable size: 5 ~ 85 μm; Optimal size: 5 ~ 80 μm
  • Dimensions: 586 (W) x 461 (D) x 458 (H) mm
  • Weight: 61 kg
  • Operation system: Windows 10
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance Available (Optional)