Next Advance Bullet Blender 5E Gold+

Product Code: BB5EAUP

Homogeniser for 12 samples in 5mL tubes or in 1.5 mL tubes using tube adapters (purchased separately). Its cooling system can use Liquid Nitrogen or Dry Ice to maintain your samples at 4°C. Includes starter kit of beads, scoop and tubes.
CE certified.


The Bullet Blender 5E Gold+ combines 4°C Cooling™, noise insulation to keep homogenization quiet, and extra-powerful homogenization for tough samples. This homogenizer for tissue or cell cultures, can process up to 12 samples in parallel, each sample up to 1 g each in a 5 mL GATOR™ tube or in 1.5 tubes using the tube adapters (purchased separately).

Includes the following:

1 – Bullet Blender 5E Gold
1 – Basic starter kit which includes:
10 mL each of the following beads
1. ZROB015
2. ZROB05
3. ZROB20
4. SSB02
5. SSB14B
6. SSB32
7. SSB48
8. SSUFO35
9. SSUFO56

Rainbow kit containing pre-filled 5mL GATOR™ snap-cap tubes with beads, 3 each (PINK, RED, GREEN, and NAVY)
1 – 25 Pack of 5mL GATOR™ snap-cap tubes
1 – Wholly scooper (to scoop dry pellets without the poweder)
1 – 24V DC Power Supply
1 – Operator’s Manual

  • Free technical support
  • 2 year warranty
  • Finally, peace of mind knowing that your samples will be efficiently homogenized.