Ratek Large Digital Shaking Water Bath

Product Code: SWB20D

  • Precision digital PID control with LCD display
  • Super-quiet long-life brushless AC motor
  • Large 330 x 310mm platform
  • Submersible racks available
  • Heating & shaking can be operated independently

Product Overview

The Ratek Shaking waterbath is suited to a variety of procedures where temperature controlled water and agitation is required. For added versatility the waterbath and shaker have individual controls and can operate independently of each other, actual bath temperature is shown on the LCD. When the shaking cradle is removed a perforated stainless steel panel (supplied as standard) supports flasks and containers. The platform drive has 4 different travel settings and incorporates slow acceleration to reduce the risk of spillage. Food grade polished stainless steel is used for the tank and platform components, the outer case is manufactured from a corrosion resistant plastic to provide durability. An optional rack (RR20) consisting of adjustable horizontal bars attached to the shaking cradle is available to secure flasks and containers if required. For accurate temperature control and to minimise loss of water through evaporation, gabled lids made from stainless steel or polycarbonate are available.

Waterbaths are utilised in a wide variety of biomedical, life science, and industrial applications as well as in commercial kitchen cooking techniques such as Sous Vide. Specific applications include Cell Cultures, Cell Aeration, Increasing Solubility Rates, Molecular Biology Assays, Bacterial Cultures and Hybridisation Applications.


  • Power requirements 240vac/1560 watts
  • Waterbath capacity 20 litres
  • Internal dimensions L400 x W350 x D170mm
  • Platform L330 x W310 x H140mm
  • Temperature control type Digital PID
  • Temperature control range Ambient + 5°C to 99.9°C, min 28°C
  • Temperature control stability ±0.2ºC
  • Motor Brushless ac
  • Mixer control Solid state with optical feedback
  • Speed range 20 – 200 strokes per minute
  • Platform travel Adjustable 4 position cam allowing travel of 20, 27, 33, or 40 mm
  • Safety features Low water level cut out (push button reset), motion interrupt cut out
  • Overall dimensions L600 x W450 x H270mm
  • Weight 18 kgs

Accessories & Related Products

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  • Model No: RR20, Universal Rack for Large Shaking W/bath
  • Model No: SLS20, Stainless Steel lid for SWB20 series
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