Ratek Multi Tube Vortex Mixer

Product Code: MTV1

Ratek Instruments designed the Multi Tube Vortex for use with test tubes, small bottles, deep well plates or flasks.

  • Platform size of 320 x 200mm
  • Speed range approximately 200 to 3,000 RPM
  • LCD digital timer with countdown or pulse mode
  • Vortex virtually any container
  • Will accommodate a whole rack of test tubes

Product Overview
The MTV1 can hold a standard test tube rack full of tubes (of equal length) up to the maximum platform size, for timed or continuous hands free mixing. In the countdown mode the mixer can be set for a maximum of 99 minutes 59 seconds. In the pulse mode the mixer can be set to run in cycles of up to 99 seconds on and up to 99 seconds off. The MTV1 can also be used as a manual vortex mixer, with the clamping plate removed various tubes or flasks can be held against the platform at any angle to achieve the desired mixing action. The adjustable speed control allows for the mixing action to be varied as required.

Vortex mixers are used for thorough mixing of precipitates in test tubes, small bottles or flasks. In cell culture and microbiology laboratories they may be used to suspend cells. In a biochemical or analytical laboratory they may be used to mix the reagents of an assay or to mix an experimental sample and a dilutant.


  • Power requirements 240vac/ 40w
  • Control Continuously variable from 750 to 3000 RPM with load
  • Capacity 320 x 200mm platform (max 250mm vertical clearance)
  • Motor 12V DC
  • Orbit diameter 4mm
  • Overall Dimensions W325 x D300 x H440 mm
  • Weight 17kg
  • Warranty 3 year parts and 12 month labour