Ratek Rotary Tube Mixer with Disc

Product Code: RSM7DC

Ratek Instruments Rotary Tube Mixer with Disc to support all tube types.

  • Variable speed range from 10 to 60 RPM
  • Adjustable disc angle from horizontal to vertical
  • Quiet operation
  • Can accommodate small-medium tubes and bottles
  • Customised discs available

Product Overview
The RSM7DC Rotary mixer is suitable for many applications where an end over end action is required, including blood and sample mixing. The tilting head allows for the disc to be held at any angle from horizontal to vertical enabling a wide range of different mixing actions. Loaded evenly with the locking screw removed the disc can rotate and be stopped by hand without switching off the drive, making tube placement and removal a simple operation. A centre locking screw is provided for heavier and unbalanced loads. The RSM7DC is supplied with a disc that has 20 threaded inserts and clips for tube diameters to suit customer specifications. Individual clips can be removed and replaced if required.

Applications include aerating cultures, biological sample suspension, blood sample suspension, and general mixing applications.


  • Power requirements 12VDC
  • Motor DC geared
  • Speed control 10 – 60 RPM
  • Overall dimensions H415 x D255 x W300 including disc
  • Weight 5 kg including disc
  • Warranty 3 year parts and 12 month labour

Accessories & Related Products

  • Model No: SD1, Spare Clip Disc for RSM7DC (20 clips)
  • Model No: SD1-EP, Clip Disc for RSM7DC with 40×1.5ml clips
  • Model No: SD2, Dual Layer Clip Disc for RSM7DC
  • Model No: SD3, Drum Rotor for RSM7DC
  • Model No: TOOCLI010, Tube Clip Size 4 – Suit 7 – 12mm Tubes
  • Model No: TOOCLI011, Tube Clip Size 6 – Suit 13 – 17mm Tubes
  • Model No: TOOCLI012, Tube Clip Size 8 – Suit 17 – 20mm Tubes
  • Model No: TOOCLI013, Tube Clip Size 10 – Suit 20 – 25mm Tubes
  • Model No: TOOCLI014, Tube Clip Size 12 – Suit 25 – 29mm Tubes
  • Model No: TOOCLI015, Tube Clip Size 16 – Suit 30 – 36mm Tubes
  • Model No: TOOCLI016, Tube Clip Size 18 – Suit 35 – 50mm Tubes