The AQ Aliquoting System is the next innovative automation system from Scinomix designed to aliquot reagents or samples with labeling, validation, and sample tracking. Workflows supported include sample aliquoting, sample pooling, sample dilution, and reagent dispensing.

Transform Precision Pipetting with the Scinomix Air Displacement Pipettor
Dive into unparalleled accuracy with the Scinomix 2000-0865 Air Displacement Pipettor: integral to the Scinomix AQ Aliquoting System, it offers automated aliquoting, robust sample security, maintenance-free operation, and one-command tip ejection for streamlined lab efficiency.


Base Model
  • Base model system
  • Benchtop unit (dimensions)
  • Capped or uncapped aliquot tubes
  • AQ Module
    • Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP)
    • 9 x SBS footprint deck positions
    • Tecan-style hanging tip racks
    • Hold racks for uncapped source tubes, bottles (height limit), or plates
    • Dedicated waste
  • Sci-Print VXL
    • 12 x SBS footprint deck positions
    • Pneumatic or Universal Gripper
    • SQUIX printer
    • Barcode scanner (optional)
AQ Aliquoting System + VXi Bulk Tube Handling
  • All features from the Base Model
  • Benchtop unit (dimensions)
  • VXi Bulk Tube Handling Module
    • Bulk feed aliquot tubes
    • Programmable up to n tube types
    • The benefit of not having to manually rack aliquot tubes
AQ Aliquoting System + Sci-Pump Peristaltic Pump
  • All features from the Base Model
  • Benchtop unit (dimensions)
  • System compatible with VXi Module
  • Sci-Pump
    • Peristaltic pump for delivering larger volumes of reagent (> 1mL)
  • Source Feeder (Future Release in Development)
    • 9 x SBS footprint deck positions
    • Hold racks for capped source tubes
    • Move > scan > uncap source tube
    • Present to AQ Module for aliquoting

Superior Capabilities
  • Low volume / high accuracy pipetting—Low volume / high accuracy pipetting: Air displacement pipetting technology (Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP)), Easy to maintain, Annual calibration
  • Uses disposable Tecan Tips for Automation (hanging tips with options for size / sterility / filter)
  • Scinomix software for the entire system ensures reliable performance of all components (v2.6)
  • Worklist driven run ensures proper mapping of source > destination pipetting and labeling of aliquot tubes. Excel templates are an easy way to generate worklists
  • Pipetting parameters are configurable for optimal performance. Liquid Classes – Pre-wet option – Tip touch – Aspirate / Dispense speeds – Leading and trailing air gaps – Pressure Liquid Level Detection (pLLD) – Mixing after dispense – Tip change frequency – Waste location options
  • Bulk tube feeding supported (VXi; for the aliquot tubes only)
  • Bulk filling supported (Sci-Pump; large volume fill > 1mL or adding diluent for sample dilutions)
  • Barcode scanning (aliquot tubes only)
Superior Results
  • Easy for staff to operate
  • Eliminates human error
  • Eliminates tedious & time-consuming tasks
  • Gain valuable walk-away time
  • Handles multiple tube types with the same system
  • Increased ROI for labs/ opportunity cost
  • Increases productivity and efficiency in the lab
  • Reduce repetitive injuries