Strex Biaxial Cell Stretching System

Product Code: ST-1900

Strex provides Microscope Mountable Cell Stretch Systems.

  • Stretch cells in culture with stress load, in one or two directions.
  • Mechanical stretching unit operates in the incubator, with 64 pre-programmed patterns.
  • Stretch cells in two directions or uniaxially, facilitating various experiments.


  • Main Unit: Compatible with Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, and Leica microscopes. Stage drawings are required for the necessary stage adapter to be built.
  • Control Unit: Actuates the main unit to implement the desired stretching pattern for one cell culture.
  • ST-1900: Employs 4 cm² chamber designed for XY bidirectional stretching
  • Stretching Patterns: Up to 64 patterns. Custom patterns for high-velocity stretch are available for purchase.
  • Stretch Direction: Biaxial stretch, but is capable of a uniaxial stretch as well.


Video output through computer/monitor is not provided. Strex does not sell these.

Chamber   Compatible Stretch Device   Culture area (cm) / Volume
SC-0042    STB-CH-04 ST-1900                  2.0 x 2.0 x 1.0


Additional Information
The system is capable of stretching cells in culture by applying stress load and can stretch cells in a single chamber in one or two directions while allowing for imaging before and after stretch.
The system’s mechanical stretching unit operates inside an incubator on top of a microscope, while the control unit and video output are placed outside, has 64 pre-programmed stretch patterns which make it easy to get experiments started.
The system can stretch cells in two directions, but also allows uniaxial stretch as well.