Strex CytoSAVER Controlled-Rate Freezer cGMP (FZ-2200)

Product Code: FZ-2200

Strex provides highly innovative, simple to use and compact Controlled-Rate Freezers.

  • Freeze your valuable samples down at controlled rates to ultra-low temperatures without the hassle and expense of liquid nitrogen or dry ice.
  • Get feedback on the temperature of your samples in real time and with intuitive temperature reports.
  • Cut down on downtime between freeze cycles to maximize your sample freezing throughput.

Achieve consistent and efficient cryopreservation down to -80 °C to ensure the integrity and viability of your stem cells, immune cells, blood samples, and vaccines with the compact CytoSAVER Controlled-Rate Freezer, the cryopreservation expert’s partner in research.

The CytoSAVER is great for cGMP applications. Ask for CytoSAVER models that comply with FDA Title 21, CFR Part 11. IQ/OQ and validation are available upon request as well.

Liquid Nitrogen-Free

  • Preserve your samples in a controlled and sterile environment.
  • CytoSAVER is ideal for use in clean rooms and isolators being LN2-free and lightweight-compact design.

Effortless Control

  • Program your desired freezing pattern and generate a PDF report with the built-in touch panel, giving you complete control and visibility throughout the cryopreservation process.

Efficient Workflow

  • Minimize downtime between cycles with CytoSAVER’s built-in heater, ensuring the frozen plate returns to room temperature in under 40 minutes*.

* Time may vary depending on the model and other factors.

  • Freeze more samples in less time and optimize your research workflow.
  • Get real-time updates on your cryopreservation with the intuitive temperature graph.
  • Export comprehensive PDF logs of the sample temperature changes for greater confidence and control.


  • 2 mL Cryovial Rack Capacity: 81
  • Blood Bag Compatible
  • FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 (cGMP) Compliant
  • IQ/OQ & Validation