Vacuum Filter Systems

Product Code: 665-33X

Vacuum Filter Systems, PES, 0.22µm, Sterile

Vacuum Filtration Systems

The Disposable Vacuum Filters are ideal for the separation and purification of large sample volumes of tissue culture media, biological fluids, and fixation buffers.

The reservoir bottles feature easy grip for improved handling with simple tightening and loosening adjustments. In addition, the large knurls on the reservoir bottle cap allow for easy assembly.

Designed with a wide mouth for easy access, the filters ensure efficient and smooth pouring.

  • Hydrophilic PES Membrane
  • Non-Pyrogenic, Surfactant-Free
  • Low Protein Binding & Extractable
  • High Flow Rates & Throughput
  • Universal GL45 Thread
  • Disposable
  • Sterile
Code 665-330 665-331 665-332
Filtration Volume 250ml 500ml 1000ml
Neck Size GL45/45mm GL45/45mm GL45/45mm
Membrane Material PES PES PES
Membrane Diameter 50mm 90mm 90mm
Membrane Filter Pore 0.22µm 0.22µm 0.22µm
Operating Temperature 25°C to 50°C 25°C to 50°C 25°C to 50°C
Sterility Gamma Irradiation Gamma Irradiation Gamma Irradiation
Quantity 12, Individually Vacuum Packed 12, Individually Vacuum Packed 12, Individually Vacuum Packed