4Titude Cell Culture Adhesive Seal

Product Code: 4ti-0517

Adhesive sealing non-woven fiber paper-based seal suitable for bacterial & eukaryotic cell culture.

  • Peelable
  • Porous, gas permeable
  • Available in sheet format


Our Cell Culture Adhesive Seal is a gas permeable adhesive seal which seals assay and tissue culture plates, microplates and storage plates. The seal prevents evaporation and contamination whilst enabling cells to breathe. It is made of a non-woven fiber with an acrylate adhesive layer for effective sealing. The seal has a low moisture transfer rate and a porosity enabling gas exchange.

Due to its paper-based material it should not be used in wet conditions. The seal is suitable for cell culture and enables long term culture with significantly reduced evaporation. For all adhesive seals, the best sealing results are achieved using the handheld Adhesive Seal Roller (4ti-0502).


  • Peelable
  • Seal integrity range: -20°C to 40°C
  • Gas permeability rate: 8,900m³/m²/day
  • Moisture vapor transmission rate (very low): 4,200g/m²/day
  • Air porosity: 10 sec/100 cc/in²
  • RNase/DNase free


    • Application: bacterial and eukaryotic cell culture


  • Sheet format: 135 x 80mm
  • Available sterile (4ti-0517/ST)