4titude FrameStar® 96 Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plate With Upstand, ABI Style

Product Code: 4ti-0730

96 well semi-skirted plates with standard profile wells, designed for use on all major cyclers, including ABI® instruments with standard 96 well blocks, without the need for adapters. Rigid frame eliminates warping and distortion during PCR. Ideal for use with robotic systems.

  • PP wells, PC frame; cut corner A12
  • <200µl working volume, 300µl total well capacity
  • Available barcoded on request
  • Ultra-low DNA binding option available


  • Free from DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, and endotoxin/pyrogen


  • Ultra-smooth, uniform, thin-walled polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR and real-time (RT-qPCR) results
  • <0.2ml (200µl) working volume, 0.3ml (300µl) total well capacity


  • Cut corner at A12
  • Rigid polycarbonate frame for added mechanical stability
  • Significantly reduced thermal expansion and sample evaporation for improved consistency in PCR results
  • Improved seal integrity due to thermal stability of frame
  • Alphanumeric grid reference to aid well and sample identification


  • Ideal for use with ABI® thermal cyclers & sequencers
  • Recommended for low volume PCR
  • Compatible with standard multichannel pipettes
  • Ideal for use with robotic systems


  • Available with the following frame color options for the clear well variety: purple, blue, clear, green, red, and black
  • Ethylene oxide treated option available for forensic use; learn more about our ethylene oxide treated range
  • Available barcoded upon request; learn more about our barcoding options
  • Combi packs available (for 4ti-0730/C) with Optically Clear Windowed qPCR Seal (4ti-0565)

For recommended plate options depending on manufacturer, block type, and instrument please refer to the Azenta Life Sciences Plate Instrument Compatibility Table.

Parameter FrameStar 96 Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plate With Upstand, ABI® Style
Plate length 124.26 ± 0.25mm
Plate width 83.97 ± 0.25mm
Plate height 23.20 ± 0.25mm
Well depth 20.20 ± 0.10mm
Well diameter 5.46 ± 0.10mm
Total well capacity 0.3ml (300µl)
Working volume <0.2ml (200µl)
Distance to center of A1 from top edge 10.495 ± 0.25mm
Distance to center of A1 from left edge 12.63 ± 0.25mm
Pitch (distance between A1 and A2) 9.00mm



  • Thermal Cyclers (96 well standard block): Verity | Proflex | Simpliamp | GeneAmp® 2700/2720/9600/9700
  • qPCR Cyclers (96 well standard block): 7000 | 7300 | 7500 | 7700 | 7900 HT | QuantStudio™ 3/5/6/7/12K | ViiA7™
  • Sequencers (96 well block): 3100 | 3130XL | 3500 | 3500XL | 3730 | 3730XL


  • qPCR Cyclers (96 well block): Mx4000™


  • Thermal Cyclers (96 well block): Labcycler

Ordering Information

FrameStar 96 Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plate With Upstand, ABI® Style
Standard profile, 0.2ml polypropylene wells, polycarbonate frame with upstand, cut corner A12, working volume: <200µl, total well capacity: 300µl; designed for use on ABI® instruments

Part Number
4ti-0730 clear wells, purple frame; 50 plates
4ti-0730/B clear wells, blue frame; 50 plates
4ti-0730/C clear wells, clear frame; 50 plates
4ti-0730/C/10P clear wells, clear frame; 10 plates
4ti-0730/G clear wells, green frame; 50 plates
4ti-0730/R clear wells, red frame; 50 plates
4ti-0730/X clear wells, black frame; 50 plates
4ti-OX730C/SBC 4ti-0730/C for forensic use, ethylene oxide treated, single barcoded; 20 plates

Combi packs
4ti-0730/C/0565 4ti-0730/C + Optically Clear Windowed qPCR Seal (4ti-0565); 50 plates + 50 seals