4titude® FrameStar® Breakable Horizontally and Vertically PCR Plate, Low Profile

Product Code: 4ti-1400/X

96 well plates, vertically & horizontally scored, snap easily into part plates, 8 or 12-well strips, part strips, individual tubes. Low profile wells, recommended for reaction volumes <20µl. Allow for the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective use of a PCR plate.

  • PP wells, PC frame; cut corner A12
  • <100µl working volume, 200µl total well capacity
  • Ensures not a single tube is wasted


  • Free from DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, and endotoxin/pyrogen


  • Ultra-smooth, uniform, thin-walled polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR and real-time (RT-qPCR) results
  • 0.1ml wells, <100µl working volume, with a 200µl total well capacity when used with sealing options
  • Low profile wells, shorter than “standard” profile wells, to decrease the “dead space” between the heated lid of the thermal cycler and the sample in the well
  • Eliminates condensation forming on the side wall of the tubes, preventing reduction in PCR volume and increasing the efficiency of the reaction


  • Plates can be broken up in both 8-strip vertical and 12-strip horizontal directions, resulting in individual strips, part strips, or even individual tubes, giving you the highest range of flexibility
  • Breaking a plate is more accurate, more convenient, and safer than cutting it with scissors, as it avoids damaging the sealing rings and contamination of the wells
  • Plates can be filled, sealed and separated for storage, processing or distribution
  • Easy to break at any temperature
  • The plate can be adapted to individual pipetting schemes without the need to waste empty wells
  • Separated strips or tubes can be used for the positive control to avoid contamination of the samples
  • Compatible with all instruments that fit non-skirted, low profile plates
  • NB: In some cases you may have to break off the end tabs for it to fit
  • Compatible with standard multichannel pipettes


For recommended plate options depending on manufacturer, block type, and instrument please refer to the Azenta Life Sciences Plate Instrument Compatibility Table.

Ordering Information

FrameStar Breakable Horizontally and Vertically PCR Plate, Low Profile
96 well rigid plate, vertically and horizontally scored, snaps easily into part plates, 8 well strips, 12 well strips, part strips or individual tubes; low profile, 0.1ml polypropylene wells, polycarbonate frame; working volume: <100µl, total well capacity: 200µl

Part Number

4ti-1400/X clear wells, black frame; 50 plates