ALPAQUA LE Magnet Plate

Product Code: A000350

Used with 96-well PCR plates when low elution volumes are needed to ensure high product concentration. This plate allows you to elute in as little as 8-10 µl.

  • When concentrated nucleic acids are required in downstream applications
  • Minimize reaction volume, maximize product concentration.
  • Elute in as little as 8 μL

How does the LE Magnet Plate work?

The magnets used in the LE Magnet Plate have a smaller hole diameter than the 96R and 96S magnet plates. PCR wells don’t sit as deeply into these magnets, causing the ring of beads to form lower in the well. This means less elution volume is required (approximately 8-10 µl) to fully cover the beads and elute the product.

Full Working Volume
Full Working Volume, Fast Separation Times, Low Elution Volume


Important Consideration for Optimum Results

Built For Precision Automated Liquid Handling: The LE Magnet Plate is intended for use with automated liquid handling equipment. Use with manual pipettors is not recommended. It performs best in conjunction with an advanced liquid handling instrument equipped with a multi-channel dispense head, such as the Beckman Biomek® liquid handlers or the Eppendorf epMotion® platforms. As a general rule, if your robot can safely work with 384 well PCR plates, the LE Magnet Plate should work well.

Only Compatible With Flat PCR Plates: It is very important to only use flat PCR plates with the LE Magnet Plate. All wells must touch the LE magnets so the ring of magnetic beads will form at the correct position in the wells. Do not use warped PCR plates because if the wells do not touch the LE magnets, the magnetic beads will cluster at the bottom and cause bead carry-over in those wells. The LE is not for use with single PCR strips.


Recommended PCR Microplates

The LE Magnet Plate works with most 96-well PCR plates – full-, semi-, or non-skirted. The LE is not for use with single PCR strips. Below are some common plates that we have confirmed reliably work. Many others will work.

  • 4titude FrameStar

Not Recommended: ABI MicroAmp® Fast 96-Well Reaction Plate, 0.1 mL