Product Code: A000380

Universal magnet plate that contains our strongest 96-well ring magnets and integrated Spring Cushion Technology. Compatible with virtually any 96-well microplate and any liquid handling platform.


Our strongest ring magnets for up to 40% faster separation times, combined with universal microplate and liquid handler compatibility.
Rapid Separation

  • Maximum Compatibility

Key Features

  • Strongest ring magnets for fast, reliable separation
  • Ideal for use with viscous samples like blood or serum
  • Universal microplate compatibility – Flat-Bottom, Round-Bottom, V-Bottom, Deep-Well, & PCR plates (full, semi, or non-skirted)
  • Elevated base and integrated Spring Cushion Technology
  • Maximizes compatibility with automated liquid handling decks


SBS footprint and elevated base for broad compatibility, and integrated Spring Cushion Technology

Why do I need Spring Cushion Technology?
Alpaqua microplates with integrated Spring Cushion Technology give way when tips come in contact with a well bottom, thus compensating for physical tolerances between labware and pipettors that can compromise precision aspiration.

  • Protects instruments & consumables
  • Improves pipetting consistency
  • Maximizes usage of reagents & samples
  • Minimizes tip vacuum & head contamination
  • Accelerates automated method development