Frozen Tissue Xtractor

Product Code: CXT353

Preserves sample quality and streamlines sample processing.

The handheld tissue Xtractor is a handheld tool whose purpose is to accommodate those laboratories who process small tissue samples that require aliquot volumes up to 15mgs to perform their downstream analyses.  The tool and accessories can be purchased individually or as a kit.  The kit comes with one Tissue Xtractor Hand Tool, Probe chilling nest for coring probes, Metal tissue tray, six bags of coring probes and a dry ice bucket.

Benefits of Frozen Aliquotting

• Enables access to small frozen samples without the freeze-thaw
cycling that can bias data in downstream analyses as samples are
kept at -80°C throughout the process
• Generates uniform aliquots that thaw faster than a full sample,
improving sample consistency
• Preserves labile molecules within samples, allowing for more
accurate data of biomarkers being analyzed
• Preserves parent samples for improved reproducibility and
retrospective studies later on
• Avoids manual slicing of frozen tissues; limits handling of feces
• Allows re-access of frozen tissue and fecal samples