CXT 353 Benchtop Frozen Aliquotter

Product Code: CXT353

Preserve Sample Quality And Streamline Sample Processing

The CXT 353 is a semi-automated benchtop instrument for the frozen aliquotting of a wide range of sample types, including tissue, feces, serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, and other biofluids. The instrument extracts multiple frozen cores or aliquots from a frozen sample. Parent sample and each frozen aliquot are maintained from -80°C to -150°C throughout the frozen aliquotting process via LN2 chilling, eliminating damaging freeze-thaw cycling.

Benefits of Frozen Aliquotting

• Enables access to small frozen samples without the freeze-thaw
cycling that can bias data in downstream analyses as samples are
kept at -80°C throughout the process
• Generates uniform aliquots that thaw faster than a full sample,
improving sample consistency
• Preserves labile molecules within samples, allowing for more
accurate data of biomarkers being analyzed
• Preserves parent samples for improved reproducibility and
retrospective studies later on
• Avoids manual slicing of frozen tissues; limits handling of feces
• Allows re-access of frozen tissue and fecal samples