Centrifuge Microplate Swing-Out Rotor 2200 RPM

Product Code: iFuge-CS2P-NXT

iFuge CS2P NXT Microplate centrifuges are designed to accommodate standard microplates, which can hold up to 96 wells and 384 wells PCR plates/Deep well plates. This feature makes it easy to process multiple samples simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency in the laboratory.


Microplate centrifuges are an essential tool in laboratory research, especially when it comes to high-throughput screening of samples. One of the main benefits of using microplate centrifuges is their ability to spin multiple samples at once. They are used usually for high or medium throughput applications like DNA isolation/separation, blood separation, haematology, immunology, clinical studies, cell biology, microbiology, genomics/molecular biology, proteomics and biochemistry.


  • Microplate swing out centrifuge with capacity of 2 microplates: 96 & 384 well (PCR/ Deep well)
  • Compatible with all types of PCR plates
  • Precise RPM setting from 500 to 2200 RPM with an accuracy of ±10 RPM
  • Microprocessor controlled centrifuge with variable speed and time setting, along with last run memory function
  • Automatic imbalance detection for safe operation
  • User can save and run upto 99 user- defined programs (protocols)
  • One touch short spin operation & change over from RPM to RCF
  • All rotors are with positional labelling, rotor cat-code, rotor expiry date, RPM/RCF(speed), rotor capacity.


Specifications  iFuge CS2P NXT
Capacity 2 micro plate (96 & 384 wells)
Max RPM/RCF (Xg) 2200 RPM/560g
Motor Type Brushless DC motor
Digital Display Yes
Speed Setting  500-2200 RPM
Timer Setting 1-999 mins & infinite mode
Programmable Feature User can set and save up to 99 user-defined programs (protocols)
Lid Lock Safety & Imbalance Detection Yes
Dimension (L x W x H) 381 x 480 x 185 mm
Voltage / Consumption 24V — 1.4A / 35W
Weight 8.2 kg (without rotor)


iFuge CS2P NXT Accessories:

  • Product Code: CS2P NXT
  • Description: Microplate Centrifuge with Swing out rotor for 96 well/ 384 well PCR plates/Deep well plates