Heathrow Scientific Multi-Function High-Speed Centrifuge Bundle – MAGFUGE® MFC

Product Code: HS120582

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Customize your high-speed centrifuge on the fly and make your job easier with Heathrow Scientific.

The Multi-Function High-Speed Centrifuge bundle – MagFuge® MFC – helps everyone in your workplace adapt to the daily challenges that impact productivity and job satisfaction in the lab.

  • Spin down samples from 0.2 mL to 5 mL anywhere in the lab with multiple rotors and tube adapters included in the bundle.
  • The perfect mix of speed (12,500 rpm) and size (down to 0.2 mL) for PCR, microfilter cell separation, and HPLC protocols (alternative instruments are more than double the price).
  • Switch rotors without tools so operators work more efficiently.
  • Since the price is so good, work around instrument-related bottlenecks by providing multiple high-speed centrifuges on – site that easily adapt to operator priorities – everybody can quickly configure them when needed.
  • Learn a single interface for multiple applications and make operators happier as they get more proficient in their jobs.
  • Help operators work at their own pace, so they aren’t worried about other users watching the clock behind them.
  • Avoid the hazards of moving precious samples around the lab and bring your centrifuge to them instead. It has a smaller footprint and slimmer profile than competing high-speed centrifuges.
  • Have backup equipment ready if primary equipment breaks down. The MagFuge MFC bundle also includes a high-performance magnetic stirrer adapter to stir samples of 3L or greater – and likely does it better than your dedicated stirrers.
  • Five Year Warranty

You know the volumes you work with. You know the RPMs or RCF. And you know how long. Why waste time pouring over (and paying for) bells and whistles you don’t need. Your MagFuge MFC does it.


  • MAX Speed RPM/RCF x g: 12,500/9,783
  • Time Range: Variable: 30 sec to 60 min
  • Stirrer Speed Range: 50 to 2,500 RPM
  • Stirrer Time Range: Variable: 30 sec to 60 min