CoolRack™ XT PCR384 Thermoconductive Tube Rack for 384-Well PCR Plates

Product Code: BCS-538

CoolRack XT PCR384 Thermoconductive Tube Racks for 384-Well PCR Plates are precision-engineered sample modules designed to evenly distribute temperature across all wells of a microplate.

  • Ideal for cooling, snap freezing, heating, thawing
  • Made from a novel thermo-conductive alloy
  • Uniform & consistent temperature to all samples
  • Reproducible method; SBS footprint

CoolRack Thermoconductive Tube Rack modules eliminate variability which originates from tubes placed directly into ice, dry ice, alcohol baths, water baths and other temperature sources. CoolRack Thermoconductive Tube Rack modules ensure +/- 0.1°C temperature uniformity across all tubes when cooling, snap freezing, heating or thawing.

Suggested applications include cooling reagents such as restriction enzymes, dNTPs and antibodies, alcohol-free dry ice snap freezing of tissue, virus and bacteria samples and bench top cryogenic tube sorting in liquid nitrogen. All CoolRack Thermoconductive Tube Rack modules may be autoclaved, high heat sterilized or decontaminated with bleach, alcohol or other disinfectants or lab detergents.



Parameter CoolRack XT PCR384 Thermoconductive Tube Rack for 384-Well PCR Plates
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.7 x 8.6 x 1.9cm
Number of wells 384
Well depth 7.6mm
Well shape tapered
Row spacing 4.5mm
Column spacing 4.5mm
For use with one 384 well PCR plate

Secure Sample Preparation

  • Removes all problems created by placing sample directly in ice: variable sample temperature, wet labels, contamination risk
  • All samples <4°C and uniform in temperature (+/- 0.1°C)
  • Samples organized, secure and dry
  • All tubes upright and indexed

Versatility and Performance

Regardless of temperatures source

  • Samples stand upright and organized
  • Reproducible method

On ice

  • Adapts from ambient (25˚C) to <4˚C in 60-90 seconds*
  • Samples and labels stay dry
    Hours of ice cooling without direct ice contact

On dry ice

  • Adapts from ambient (25˚C) to -78˚C in approximately 5-7 minutes*
  • Eliminates ethanol from snap freezing
  • Equal or better freezing rate as compared to direct immersion into dry ice or alcohol slurry

In liquid nitrogen

  • Adapts from ambient (25˚C) to approximately -150˚C in approximately 12-14 minutes*
  • Vapor barrier protects from ambient air
  • No direct contact between samples and LN2

Heat sources

  • Use with water baths, hot plates, incubators and other heat sources to keep samples warm

How it Works: Easy to Use

  • CoolRack on ice: heat from the relatively warmer CoolRack module is transferred to cooling source (wet or dry ice, cartridge, LN2) until equilibrium is reached
  • CoolRack M6 in water bath: heat is transferred from water bath toward relatively cooler CoolRack until equilibrium is reached