Product Code: Cellcyte

Real-time Live Cell Imaging

At CYTENA, we recognize that science evolves with time and your research should as well. To leverage
the power of continuity and address the most-pressing challenges in cell biology, we have developed the
CELLCYTE X™, a high-throughput live cell imaging system centered around efficiency, affordability and
Cell biologists often run experiments using end-point assays, forcing them to draw conclusions about
cellular behavior using a single time point. Instead, with a live cell imaging system hosted within the
incubator, researchers are able to rewind and replay images acquired from multiple time points.


Key Features

Designed for your success

Open design: Ease of maintenance and improved control of cellular environment.

Improved cell viability: Less disturbances over the course of your experiment, reducing the chances of cellular abnormality.

Uninterrupted workflow: Streamline image acquisition and analysis with our intuitive software platform.

Real-time data analysis: With data collected and processed in real time throughout the experiment.

High throughput: Run 6 vessels concurrently to maximize your throughput

Versatility: Multiplex your experiment with Enhanced Contour imaging mode plus 3 fluorescent channels