Cytena Cellcyte Gen 2

Product Code: Cellcyte Gen 2

Live Cell Imaging and Analysis

Cellcyte Gen 2 is a high-throughput live-cell imaging system designed to make
live-cell imaging more affordable and convenient. With up to 4 fluorescent channels
and enhanced phase contrast mode, Cellcyte Gen 2 provides maximum insight into
live-cell experiments inside your incubator without the risk of disturbing your cells.

System Features

  • Enhanced phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy
  • High resolution and contrast rich microscopy
  • 3 or 4 fluorescence channels available
  • High-throughput scanning with open design
  • 6 slots for a variety of cell culture vessels
  • Open design on top for easier accessibility and maintenance
  • Assay compatibility
  • Run cell proliferation, transfection efficiency, apoptosis,
    cytotoxicity, and more assays