Hudson Robotics has recently introduced the FilterPress™, a powerful alternative to vacuum nests, magnetic beads and centrifuges for the separation of a variety of materials. The main applications are DNA, RNA, plasmid and protein extraction and purification as well as solid-phase extractions.

The upper nest supports a wide range of filter/spin plates and SPE columns.

Any SBS format microplate can be used as a collection plate in the lower nest, and when empty, the nest acts as a waste trough.

Both the temperature and pressure of the air used to push fluids through the filter plates or columns are automatically controlled by software.

Both nests are accessible to the SOLO™ pipettor if placed by its side, and a Micro10x™ reagent dispenser can be included to add a wide variety of wash and elution buffers to the filter plate or column in the upper nest. The FilterPress™ is perfect for designing fully automated DNA extraction, RNA extraction and protein extraction workstations.