Industrial Bulk Dispenser- avoids cassette replacement costs & seldom needs calibration holding it factory calibration for > 50 million cycles

Hudson’s Micro10x™ Reagent Dispenser provides a combination of fast filling speeds, high accuracy, and extreme flexibility ordinarily found only among large, expensive liquid handling robots. It has a very small footprint saving benchspace. The Micro10x accurately dispenses liquids in volumes down to low microliter range, and is the only small dispenser capable of tip-touchoff to ensure a clean dispense of high surface-tension fluids. Its positive-displacement pump head is adjustable in increments of 10nL, and never requires recalibration. The leading competitor needs constant calibration and the purchase of replacement dispensing cassettes. The pump is available in two different sizes (0.25″ or 0.375″ barrel) to maximize accuracy at low and high volumes. The Micro10x microplate dispenser can be used as a stand alone laboratory instrument or integrated into laboratory workstation.

Hudson Robotics’ Micro10x™ is a small, quick, and reliable precision reagent dispenser that holds calibration for > 50 million cycles. Unlike peristaltic based dispensers, Micro10x™’s ceramic positive displacement pumps never requires calibration. Micro10x also minimises the need for consumables.
The Micro10x is ideal for rapidly dispensing fresh growth media into culture plates in cell-based assays and growth processes and has also found widespread use in dispensing live cells into culture plates. Its ceramic, positive-displacement pump head is gentle on cells, and its autoclavable liquid path allows for easy clean up and decontamination between batches.
The Micro10x™’s optional switch valves supports automated changing to up to 10 solutions, allowing automation of washing protocols to ensure liquid paths are rinsed routinely.

  • Fast – fast in mechanical movements as well as ability to complete a 96 plate in 8 dispenses with a 12 channel manifold.
  • Industry leading performance
  • Dispense volumes: 5μL and up – below 3% CV; 3-5μL – below 5% CV
  • Compatible with any SBS 1536 to 96-well plates
  • Reliable performance. Recently installed with precision established with first run, without the need for parameter adjustment
  • Holds factory calibration for > 50 million cycles
    • More consistent performance from day to day, week to week compared to progressively wearing cassettes
    • Avoids the cost of cassette replacement every X plate dispenses
  • A fully-autoclavable liquid path
  • Available in either landscape (12-nozzle dispensing) or portrait (8-nozzle dispensing) style.