FluidX Scope™ Single Tube Reader

FluidX Scope™ range comprises high-performance, easy to use, portable readers developed with broad compatibility in mind, reading any 2D coded sample tube currently on the market, not only those supplied by FluidX.

  • Compatible with all 2D coded tubes
  • Instant and error-proof 1D and 2D-code reading
  • Fast set up
  • Mobile decoding
  • Flexible connectivity with Scope™ BT Wireless
  • Direct data export to any application
  • FreezerPro® compatible



Instant Reading of Single Tube 1D & 2D Barcodes

The FluidX Single Tube Readers offer a highly versatile, plug and play solution for the scanning and recording of individual sample storage tubes.

Size does not matter, as the Single Tube Reader is compatible with with 24,48,96,240,384 rack formats. This also includes tubes supplied by Greiner, Matrix, Nunc, Micronic and all FluidX tubes.

Easy export of scanned data directly into any software or application, including Notepad and Excel. The Single Tube Reader is also compatible with FluidX’s IntelliCode Software.

Instant 1D and 2D Barcode Reading

The total time between scanning a barcode and seeing the result displayed is less than a second! The tube ID is displayed instantly on the computer screen for identification or sample entry, or you may chose to run the application in the background.

Use Straight Away

Simply “Plug and Play” to start using.There’s no need to calibrate, and no drivers or software to install, before scanning your first 1D or 2D barcode. With a USB connection to laptop, PC or Mac, no additional power supply is needed.

Simple To Use, Even With Gloves

Blue LED target lights are emitted so that positioning the barcode for scanning is easy, even wearing gloves. The reader then automatically scans the barcode (either 1D or 2D) and confirms a “good read”.