FluidX Perception™ Whole Rack Readers

Meet the Plug and Play solution for flexible and mobile scanning of storage tube racks.

A fast and compact Tube Rack Scanning Solutions from FluidX.

  • Advanced camera-based imaging system
  • Automation and robotics friendly
  • Easy integration with IntelliCode™ software
  • Additional sample security
  • Seamless changing of rack format
  • No decoding attempt for empty tube positions

Now Innovating Manual Pipetting Workflows

The FluidX Whole Rack Tube Reader offers better speed, footprint and connectivity for scanning whole racks of 2D barcoded sample tubes. With an impressive total read time of just 0.75 seconds, the FluidX Whole Rack Tube Reader provides a fast and responsive solution for scanning and recording sample tubes within their racks – from pressing “scan” to retrieving data.

Automation and Simple Integration

The Rapid Rack Reader features TCP/IP Winsock connectivity for remote control of reader functions for integration into robotic/liquid handling work cells.

All FluidX rack readers have a gripper cutout section for easy robotic handling of shallow racks.

Fits most SBS racks, or plate nests, neatly with no overhang to obstruct liquid handling systems so only one plate position is needed.

Automatic Rack Orientation

Always the innovators, FluidX were the first to supply a unique 2D Data Matrix barcode identifier on racks to provide automatic rack orientation. All our whole rack readers are able to read rack and tube 2D barcodes simultaneously so scan and decode time remains low.

Better Speed

Other readers measure their speed in terms of grab time, capture time or decode time, but we believe that the real measure is the amount of time it takes from pressing “scan” to receiving the data you want.

All Perception Rapid Rack Readers will do this, for a complete rack of tubes, in just 0.75 seconds!