NanoEntek EVE Cell Counting Slides

Product Code: EVS-050, EVS-250, EVS-1000

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Disposable slides for the EVE Plus and EVE Automated Cell Counters.

EVE™ Cell counting slides that contain two enclosed chambers to hold the sample to allow you to measure two different samples or perform replicates of the same sample.

  • Disposable chamber slide
  • Protected by patents
  • Typan blue staining
  • Disposables for EVE™ / EVE™ Plus

Staining Method: Trypan Blue Staining

Trypan blue is a vital stain used to selectively colour dead tissues or cells blue. It is a diazo dye. Since cells are very selective in the compounds that pass through the membrane, in a viable cell, trypan blue is not absorbed.

However, it traverses the membrane in a dead cell. Hence, dead cells are shown as a distinctive blue colour through a microscope. Since live cells are excluded from staining, this staining method is also described as a dye exclusion method.

Suitable for use with Countess and EVE Cell Counters.

Ordering Information

Cat No.              Description:

EVS-050            EVE Cell Counting Slide (50 Slides/box, 100 Tests), 1 box

EVS-250            EVE Cell Counting Slide (50 Slides/box, 100 Tests), 5 boxes

EVS-1000          EVE Cell Counting Slide (50 Slides/box, 100 Tests), 20 boxes