NanoEntek C-Chip 2ch

Product Code: DHC-N01(Neubauer Improved), DHC-B01(Buker), DHC-B02(Burker Turk), DHC-F01(Fuchs Rosenthal), DHC-M01(Malassez)

Disposable Hemocytometer (2 tests) by NanoEntek.

A precision disposable plastic hemocytometer, developed to solve the problems of conventional Glass hemocytometer

  • No coverslip required
  • No need to wash for reuse
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Made Quartz grade optical plastic
  • Bright grid pattern

Advantage #1 – Simple & Easy steps to operate

Advantage #2 – Various grid types for different uses

There 5 different grid patterns; Neubauer Improved(mammalian/primary cell), Burker, Burker Turk(combination of Burker and Thoma), Fuchs Rosenthal(Cerebrospinal fluid cell) and Malassez(Cerebrospinal fluid cell)

Advantage #3 – Accuracy & Repeatability

The graph on the left shows an excellent correlation of cell counting between glass hemocytometer and C-Chip. The graph on the right shows that C-Chip has less error of cell counting than glass hemocytometer due to the smaller standard deviation.

More Key Features