Inheco On Deck Thermal Cycler – ODTC®

Fast, uniform results from a thermal cycler that fits easily onto your deck

On-Deck Thermal Cycler that delivers Fast & Uniform results. The Inheco ODTC® delivers rapid, accurate, and uniform sample processing for every sample, every time.
Labs, assay owners and integrators choose the Inheco ODTC® because it reliably delivers the best results.

Thanks to our patented Vapor Chamber Mount® (VCM®) technology the ODTC® delivers reliable results, superfast, every time. With near-instantaneous, precise heating and cooling and transition to plateau temperature, the VCM® also guarantees uniformity across the entire plate, including unequally filled plates or wells. The ODTC’s® horizontal lid can be opened automatically at any point in a run, with negligible effect on temperature, ensuring problem-free 24/7 automated operations.

The ODTC® takes up minimal space on your deck with a footprint on just two standard microplates (124 mm H x 157 mm W x 248 mm L). The ODTC® is available with different ventilation configurations for flexible positioning, you can place 4 ODTC’s® in a square with no issue or problem with ventilation.

The ODTC® has a SiLA-compliant interface that integrates easily into automated workflows, and almost every deck, without modifications. It’s already in use by the world’s leading deck manufacturers and is easy to integrate with new decks. And whether you choose the 96-well or 384-well version, in standard size or taller XL size, it’s compatible with all standard PCR plates and lids.

The ODTC® is available in multiple configurations – at 1st glance, the range of options can be confusing. The flexibility can be split into 3 distinct areas:
Well Plate Type
We offer the ODTC® configured for either 96 well PCR plates or 384 well PCR plates
Plate Height
We offer the ODTC® in standard size for standard/low profile 96-well PCR plates and XL size for high profile 96-well plates
We offer 4 different ventilation directions – downwards, rearwards, left & right
The Inheco ODTC® can be configured using any or all of the different areas – a total of 16 different configurations are available to deliver class leading flexibility to satisfy requirements.

Every Inheco device is designed, engineered and made in Germany and undergoes rigorous quality control before delivery. It comes with a global two-year warranty and full customer service including remote support, diagnostic and servicing options that focusses on minimizing operational downtime.