Overlord™ – Laboratory Automation Software

Overlord scheduling software is the core to all of our laboratory automation software products. It is a powerful and flexible software solution providing instrument control and the scheduling required to run an automation workcell and is used in laboratories throughout the world. Overlord is completely scalable and is used on the simplest systems, loading a single instrument, to the most complex, controlling the work flow around an enormous workcell with several dozen instruments. It is supplied ‘per socket’, to ensure a cost effective solution for all sizes of workcell. A socket is a connection to an instrument or a data source such as an instrument or web service.

Overlord is the first laboratory automation scheduler and control software that seamlessly contains both dynamic and static scheduling on one platform. Its simple drag-and-drop interface enables complex routines to be rapidly and easily developed.

Key Features

  • Error free automation, saving you time and money: your automated system is up and running in the shortest possible time. Once running, Overlord provides the highest level of reliability requiring minimal attention.
  • Which scheduler to use: a thing of the past! Overlord always presents the optimal solution – guaranteeing your laboratory the highest possible throughput.
  • Instrument drivers to control equipment: to get you up and running right away. If a driver is not available, it can be rapidly developed at a cost and added to our huge library. See full instrument driver list.
  • Reliable, hassle free assay automation: Overlord works 24/7. Advanced error recovery ensures that, should an error be encountered, the system can react and attempt to continue the run without any intervention.
  • The integration and scheduling software of choice: from simply loading an instrument with plates, or the most complex assay involving many instruments and multiple robots.
  • The most cost effective solution: priced ‘per socket’ makes Overlord cost effective no matter the size or complexity of the application. The number of sockets is the number of instruments being controlled.
  • Available direct from PAA, or through many systems integrators and instrument vendors: you can benefit from Overlord when you specify Overlord as your automation platform.


The Overlord family of laboratory automation scheduling software is the most extensive available.  Overlord is used in our own S-CEL™ systems and operates with most instruments found in a laboratory including liquid handlers, plate readers, incubators, bulk liquid dispensers, plate washers etc.   If we haven’t integrated a device you need to use, we can develop a new driver for you.

Our laboratory automation scheduler Overlord is used in our own S-CEL systems and can be applied to any other integrated system.

Overlord scheduling software can link all types of hardware (plate manipulation robots, liquid handling, readers and washers) from all vendors into a single integrated system.   This is with full data handling and options of interfacing  information management system (LIMS), databases, and data visualisation software. All the tools are available to achieve all your requirements for any laboratory automation system.

Overlord is the first lab automation scheduler that includes both dynamic (event driven) and static (time driven) scheduling in one application, enabling highly optimised instrument scheduling, accurate timing and the highest throughput.