Ratek Large Cooling Orbital Shaking Incubator

Product Code: OM15C

Ratek Instruments provide large 600 x 450mm orbital mixing platforms with Cooling.

  • Cold water heat exchanger for work below ambient
  • Large LED digital temperature & speed display
  • 3 x user-preset programs for speed & time
  • Insulated cabinet for temperature stability

Product Overview
The OM15 is a heavy duty orbital mixer within a temperature controlled cabinet, and is designed to run for extended periods when required. Separate clearly marked controls and displays for temperature speed and timer ensure the OM15 is easy to use and monitor. Slow acceleration is incorporated in the drive system to reduce the risk of spillage, plus a safety system that cuts power to the drive if an overload or jamming occurs. Fan assisted heating coupled with the custom microprocessor control ensures accurate temperature control within the cabinet. The interior of the insulated cabinet is constructed from polished food grade stainless steel and the exterior from a corrosion resistant plastic. A Nitrile mat is supplied fitted to the platform and is sufficient for holding containers at low speeds. For higher speeds optional racks are available. The RR15 Universal rack is suitable for a variety of different sizes and types of container. Stainless steel Tulip clips are also available dedicated to conical flasks from 50ml to 2 litre.

Orbital Mixer/Incubator applications include Cell Culture, Staining/destaining, Hybridisations, Solubility Studies, Extraction procedures, Plasmid purification, Washing procedures, Bacterial suspensions, DNA fingerprinting, Protein expressions and General mixing


  • Power requirements 240 VAC/900 watts
  • Capacity is 600 x 450mm platform maximum capacity 15kg’s
  • Vertical clearance above tray 403mm
  • Mixer control Microprocessor control with tachometer
  • Motor Brushless ac
  • Speed range 40-400 rpm through an orbit diameter of 25mm
  • Heater Fan assisted spiral wound element
  • Control range Ambient -10ºC to 70°C (depending on ambient temperature and that of the cooling medium)
  • Control stability ± 0.2ºC
  • Timer 0-99 minutes or 0-99 hours with 3 presets
  • Safety features Motion interrupt cutout, over temperature cutout, door open drive cutout
  • Overall dimensions: W750 x D650 x H652 mm
  • Warranty 3 year parts and 12 month labour