The S-LAB™ Pro Automated Plate Handler is a simple, off-the-shelf standalone automation solution that is easy to use. It ensures reliable plate handling with optical sensors and control is simple via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

S-LAB can be rapidly installed, integrates with up to two instruments and can be easily integrated with different instruments in the future as your workflow needs change.

The S-LAB Pro is capable of loading plates into a wide variety of instruments including cell imagers, flow cytometers, plate readers, plate washers liquid dispensers & real-time pcr systems. S-LAB offers rapid installations for standard instruments and bespoke integration for others.

Benefits of the S-LAB™ Automated Plate Handler

  • Optical plate sensing for more reliable walkaway operation
  • Reliable & efficient microplate handling
  • Compact plate handler than fits within a standard safety cabinet
  • Integrates up to 2 instruments
  • Easily integrated with new instruments as workflow needs change
  • Compatible with an extensive range of laboratory instruments
  • Handles up to 7 deep well plates with liquid dispensers
  • Capacity up to 100 unlidded/80 lidded
  • Handles microplates in portrait or landscape
  • Handles lidded microplates

Applications for S-LAB integrations


/  Thermo Multidrop Combi, Wellwash

/  Tecan HydroFlex, HydroSpeed, D300e

/  Gyger Certus

/  Cybio Felix


/  Intellicyte iQue Screener/Plus

/  Nexcelom Celigo Imaging Cytometer


/  Zeiss CD7 (Celldisover 7)

/  GE IN Cell Analyser


/  Hidex Sense

/  Molecular Devices SpectraMax

/  Perkin Elmer Envision and Nivo

/  Tecan Infinite, SPARK

/  Thermo Fluoroskan, Luminoskan, Multiskan, Varioskan


/  Miltenyi MQX, MQ10, MQ16


/  Thermo Quant Studio