S-RUN provides all instrument control and the scheduling required to run an automation workcell.

  • S-RUN is completely scalable and can be used on the simplest systems (e.g. loading a single instrument) to the most complex systems (controlling the work flow around an large workcell with several dozen instruments and multiple robots).
  • S-RUN is supplied ‘per socket’, to ensure a cost effective solution for all sizes of workcell. A socket is a connection to an instrument, via an instrument driver.
  • S-RUN is the first laboratory automation scheduler and control software that contains both dynamic (event-driven) and static (timedriven) scheduling on one platform. The simple dynamic tiles interface enables complex routines to be rapidly and easily developed.
  • S-RUN is an elegant easy-to-use software solution for control and scheduling of your automation platform.

What this means to you:

Platform independent

The web based interface means you can use iOS, Android or Windows on a desktop, tablet or smartphone to control your automated system. No APP to download from the App Store or Play Store. S-RUN can run on a local PC or from the Cloud. Note: there must be a base computer to control the instruments.

Allow easy setup of new process within a framework

Take away the code development aspect for simple process development and replace with a standard structured approach.

You can control a huge variety of instruments

Choose from a huge library of drivers for more than 300 instruments including; robots, incubators, liquid handlers, plate readers, heaters and shakers.

Precise time control

Ideal where process timing is critical.

Dynamic tiles rather than drag & drop

Quicker and easier to develop an automated process.

Live Gantt chart updates with real time rescheduling

Change process parameters during the run

Automatic restart after PC power cycle

If the power goes off, you can restart where you left off.

You can take equipment off line and then put it back on-line

Utilise your expensive hardware manually when not in use on the automation system.

Add a new batch of samples at any time

Use the calendar function to review the workload on your automated system and add new batches of plates at any time.


S-RUN can is as happy running a large automation system as it is loading a single instrument.


Built in database to hold all your runtime information and data.

Factory automation

Integrated support for PLC .