The Sci-Pump is a compact peristaltic pump for continuous flow applications. Designed to provide highly reproducible flow rates, with minimum pulsation, the eight-roller unit features tubing and nylon barbs for long life of all fluid contact surfaces. This pump works well with larger volumes for larger vials and its tubing is disposable and best for sterility needs.

Superior Capabilities

  • Adds liquid dispensing and handling capabilities to the VX Series tube handling system.
  • Provides highly reproducible flow rates required for precision applications in clinical diagnostics, life sciences research or analytical chemistry
  • Dispenses liquid in a non-contact fashion using self-contained, flexible tubing that reduces the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Uses high quality tubing and nylon barbs designed for the long life of all fluid contact surfaces with little wear.

Superior Results

  • Small, benchtop equipment saves valuable space in the lab